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Freedom has a scent....

like the top of a newborn baby's head

Cassandra B.
20 November 1986
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I'm your typical human.

I need ya baby like a star needs fame

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aerosmith, albums, andy warhol, antiques, ashton, babies, beaches, big lips, bimbos, bloomington, blue eyes, books, buddha, buddhism, burt's bees, cameras, candles, cds, cereal, clothes, coen brothers, colors, comedians, comforters, concerts, corona, cracker barrel, curly hair, david barnes, david bowie, diamonds, everything, felix the cat, ferrero rocher, fishes, flowers, food, free music, fun frolicking, glittery goods, graphic shirts, greek mythology, guitars, happiness, hee hee, hieronymus bosch, hippies, homemade food, homemade soap, hot baths, iced lattes, iggy pop, jane's addiction, janet jackson, jay kay, jewelry, jim morrison, johnny depp, kevin barnes, kittens, krishna, lady bugs, lasagna, lavender eyes, led zeppelin, little richard, long hair, mac n cheese, magazines, make-up, marc bolan, mark, medicine, meditation, michael jackson, mickey mouse, milla jovovich, minnie mouse, money, monkeys, moonwalking, mos def, mr. kiedis, my babies, my dog, my kitten, nice smiles, nina barnes, no one, nothing, oatmeal, of montreal, organic food, outkast, parliament funk, peace, philosophy, pictures, piercings, pink caddilacs, pools, popsicles, prayer candles, queen, quentin tarantino, rain, reebok ice creams, relaxation, rhcp, robert plant, roses, scarves, sexy bitches, sexy older men, sexy underwear, shamone, shrimp, sienna, singers, skittle, snakes, snoop dogg, soul food, spring, steven tyler, stevie wonder, strawberries, summer, sun, sunglasses, t-rex, tattoos, ted nugent, the doors, tie dye, tight bodies, tim burton, tiny tim, u2, victoria's secret, vintage, water balloons, water slides, wes anderson, wet hair, wheat grass, you, your mom, youtube, ziggy